"Sometimes, All people need is a hand to help them back up onto their feet. I aim to be that hand that helps people back up. - "
—Brian in the Ministry Of Magic..[src]

Brian Albus Dumbledore, O.M. (Second Class), is the Head of Department of the Magical Law Enforcement.

Early Life and First years at Hogwarts.

Born to Abraham and Siobhan Dumbledore, Brian was their second child. Unfortunately for both Fraser and Brian, They were born during a time when the Dumbledore Family were seen as a Nuisance by Grendel Rippner . Grendel and his disciples began a purge of the Dumbledore Family and as a result, Brian and Fraser were ferried around to different houses until finally Grendel was defeated. After this, they finally began to experience a normal child hood.

Their life was uneventful for the most part, Acquiring a Gnome named Timothy as their first pet was the only big event they had considered up until a few years later, When Brian's father Abraham felt wanderlust and left the family, leaving them to rely on their Grandfather Absolom as a father and parental figure.

Sorted into Gryffindor, his first year was uneventful. He had made some friends with the other first years but he never considered them his full friends. It wasn't until his second year, when having been lost in the Corridors he had met his Best Friend, Nilas Encera . Nilas persuaded Brian to come out of his shell and pressured him to Join the Gryffindor Quidditch team, where he was a natural at Beating. As a result of his skill on the Quidditch Pitch in his third year, he found with it the Popularity he had desired before and grew even more confident.


Brian Dumbledore can be described in a few words. Serious, Quiet and Thoughtful. With a driven nature, Brian often goes beyond any other lengths in order to achieve his dreams or goals. Whatever the task he has set himself, he strives to complete it and to his satisfaction, he has completed all of his dreams. Ranging from Prefect, Auror, Head Auror and now Head of Department of the Magical Law Enforcement, to purchasing a house and his proudest accomplishment; Being the proud companion to a Phoenix.